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Snarry Reader Master List of Fic

Please be warned that these are slash stories, many of which are rated NC-17 for adult content and so are inappropriate reading for minors. Although the Reader does link to locked entries and password protected sites, every effort will be made to link to public entries first whenever possible. We also will attempt to link to entries that include author/artist warnings, but please be aware that each author/artist warns according to their own discretion or archive policy and some may only warn for common triggers or not at all. In some cases the links from the master list will take you directly to the stories where there may or may not be attached header information. Please click carefully. All fic is complete except where otherwise noted. All linked reviews may contain spoilers.

With the exception of titles in black, all links on the Master list should be active. We are still searching for alternative links to those titles. If you know of any links to those that are missing or find a broken link, you can let us know here.

These lists are a work in progress. We are constantly adding new stories and art and you can expect updates to the Snarry Reader to be posted monthly. This journal is meant to be a resource for the fandom. We welcome feedback and suggestions can be send to the mods at thesnarryreader AT gmail DOT com.

Last updated May 2013
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[personal profile] sealcat 2012-03-26 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Solvent's Interpretations no longer online... :( I am too late... (Shouldn't looks around old recs while I am busy...)
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[personal profile] accioslash 2012-05-07 04:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, we updated the link several times, but it appears to be gone for good.