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Update: Fic and art added to the Snarry Reader for February, 2013.

WARNING: Many of the stories and pictures we link to are rated NC-17 for adult content and so are inappropriate for minors. We make every effort to link to entries that include author/artist warnings, but please be aware that each author/artist warns according to their own discretion.

On the Art Master List only we will try our best to warn for common triggers, such as non-con, graphic violence, and, of course, chan. But BE WARNED: Many or most of these links lead directly to images that are NOT WORK OR CHILD SAFE. They might have adult content and they might be chan. Please exercise caution when clicking on any links.


    Centaury Squill
    Changes, NC-17, 2,300 words.
    Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Blow job, hand job, bit of angst, bad language*
    Summary: Severus has a sudden change of Patronus. Harry wants to know why.
    Review: You can find a review for "Changes" here.

    Elmyra Emilie
    Outside In, NC-17, 24,650 words
    Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Mental illness (off-screen); moderate violence*
    Summary/Prompt: Harry is the Ministry's best auror, but he has no social life to speak of. When Ron finally blows up at Harry for missing yet another night out/Weasley family event, Harry decides he needs to rethink how his life is going. Hermione insists on setting him up with Snape. Happy endings, Severus pursues Harry, passionate sex (I hope), and Severus trying to be romantic, but having a difficult time of it.
    Review: You can find a review for "Outside In" here.

    Now See The Invisible, R, 7,500 words.
    Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *None*
    Summary/Prompt: Powerful!Harry. Harry's magic begins to grow following Voldemort's defeat.
    Review: You can find a review for "Now See The Invisible" here.

    Lucius Complex
    Between Constellations, R, 16,860 words.
    Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Magical AU set during the war, character death (not Snape or Harry), frottage, sexual biting*
    Summary: Under the longest snowfall in memory Harry finally comes of age, between cycles of ice and adversity.
    Review: You can find a review for "Between Constellations" here.

    Something To Remember (so they won’t forget), NC-17, 10,794 words.
    Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Eighth year student/teacher relationship*
    Summary: All Harry wanted to do in his eighth year was learn how to move on with his life. He succeeds.
    Review: You can find a review for "Something To Remember (so they won’t forget)" here.


    Harry and Snape, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *None*

    Desolation Row, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Prison!Snarry*
    Summary: Illustration for the fic "Desolation Row" by [personal profile] starcrossedgirl.

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