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Review: "Harry Potter and the Poison Pen"
Title: Harry Potter and the Poison Pen
Author: [personal profile] dkwilliams
Rating: PG
Word Count: 39,400 words.
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) * Minor changes to canon.*
Summary: Four years ago, Harry Potter saved Severus Snape from Azkaban – and proposed to him. Rejected and tired of chasing Dark Wizards, Harry has spent the last three years traveling. Now he’s back in England, and Minister for Magic Shacklebolt has a job for him – find out who is behind the pranks and poison pen letters besieging Hogwarts. Headmaster Snape reluctantly agrees to let Harry investigate. Will Harry find the person behind the pranks? And will he win the heart of the man he still loves? Or is he doomed to fail in both endeavours?
A/N: This story is based on the plot of Gaudy Night and as such, it incorporates similar dialog and situations from both that book and from Strong Poison. Copyright infringement is not intended.

Diana Williams’s "Harry Potter and the Poison Pen" is a charming adaptation of Dorothy Sayers’s novel, Gaudy Night, and while I am unfamiliar with the original work, here she has deftly captured the tone of so many mystery novels of the early 1900s, beautifully transposed in a Snarry setting. Here, Harry has carried his long-term postwar appreciation of, and desire for, Headmaster Snape into his career as a private investigator. When an unknown assailant begins covertly threatening Hogwarts denizens, Harry is brought in to uncover the person’s identity. In the process, Snape – who has refused Harry’s repeated proposals of marriage over the years – gains a new appreciation of The Boy Who Lived, leading to a beautifully subtle denouement at the Hogwarts gates.

The Snape of this story is as irascible and misanthropic as ever, but his experiences and his responsibilities have opened him to heretofore unimagined possibilities, and this makes his slow, tentative response to Harry’s (paradoxically) less and less exuberant proposals all the more delicate and lovely. Harry, for his part, seems to learn that Snape cannot be bowled over by charm, but must be coaxed and wooed gently and slowly. “So it has happened” Snape thinks as he admires Harry’s physique for the first time, and in this one line is a world of inevitability that will pull you in and keep you reading until the sweet, satisfying end.

Review: "I Like Big Cocks and I Cannot Lie"
Title: I Like Big Cocks and I Cannot Lie
Author: [personal profile] eeyore9990
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,250 words.
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Anal plugs, not-gentle sex, and fandom clichés*
Summary: When Snape's clothing disappears, Harry gets more than an eyeful. He reallylikes what he sees.

Eeyore9990’s "I Like Big Cocks and I Cannot Lie" is the kind of PWP that brings me back again, and again…and again. True to form, there’s little plot here to speak of: Harry got an unforgettable glimpse of Snape’s impressive cock (during, the summary tells us, a castle warding gone awry), and the story begins with the young professor deep in the throes of summertime lust. He takes matters into his own hands, both literally and figuratively, arriving at a year-end staff celebration in a state of total arousal that attracts the attention of Headmaster Snape. Making Harry’s excuses under the guise of escorting him to the infirmary to have his “fever” attended to, Snape instead drags Harry to his own quarters and ravishes him within an inch of his life. This story is everything heady and erotic, featuring a take-charge Snape and a willing and wanton Harry who combine in an explosive encounter not for the prudish of heart. Amazingly hot stuff, with a sensual, satisfying end.

Review: "Potter's Keeper"
Title: Potter's Keeper
Author: [personal profile] deirdre_aithne
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,904 words.
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Muggle!AU, off-screen use of unnamed drugs, mention of past character death/suicide (not Severus or Harry)*
Summary/Prompt: #104 – Non-magic AU. Harry and Snape are neighbors. Harry has a boyfriend and both of them are into drugs. The boyfriend leaves him and in a fit of depression, Harry, without wanting to, overdoses. Snape (works as a writer at home) finds him because he hears some noise in the flat. Takes him to the hospital and then to his own flat. They fall in love.

The alternate universe of "Potter’s Keeper", by Deirdre Aithne, gives us a wonderfully in-character Snape as a solitary novelist who finds his work interrupted one day by tumultuous goings on in his neighbor’s apartment. Listening in almost despite himself, he overhears first the highly vocal breakup between Harry Potter and his partner, Ron, and later an alarming series of sounds that brings him to Potter’s door, only to find him in the throes of a drug overdose. He rushes Potter to the hospital and is subsequently charged with keeping an eye on the boy for 48 hours at home, and there they begin to understand one another as something more than middle-aged crank and rowdy youth. To say more would be to give away some lovely details that make both Snape and Harry a little more than they seem at first blush; suffice it to say that the author here has captured all the the mutual misunderstandings that characterize their fraught relationship in canon, guiding them along a path to better understanding and the beginnings of attraction in such a way that it is still our Snape and our Harry who find one another in the end.


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