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Update: Fic and art added to the Snarry Reader for May, 2013.

WARNING: Many of the stories and pictures we link to are rated NC-17 for adult content and so are inappropriate for minors. We make every effort to link to entries that include author/artist warnings, but please be aware that each author/artist warns according to their own discretion.

On the Art Master List only we will try our best to warn for common triggers, such as non-con, graphic violence, and, of course, chan. But BE WARNED: Many or most of these links lead directly to images that are NOT WORK OR CHILD SAFE. They might have adult content and they might be chan. Please exercise caution when clicking on any links.


    £1.50/Minute, NC-17, 5,600 words.
    Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *None*
    Prompt: #17: The only work Snape can find after the war is working on a Muggle phone-sex line.
    Summary: Harry's tired and hungry, and all he wants to do is order some dinner. This turns out to be a bigger deal than he anticipated.
    Review: You can find a review for "£1.50/Minute" here.

    Peeking in the Window: Eight Vignettes, PG-13, 7,370 words.
    Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Character Death (not Severus/Harry)*
    Prompt: 37: Harry or Severus are very self-conscious about their body (for whatever reason).
    Summary: Eight vignette-style pieces from Harry and Severus’ life together. Falling in love, aging, learning to dance, holding vigil, mourning, loving –together.
    Review: You can find a review for "Peeking in the Window: Eight Vignettes" here.


    By the Window, R, Nudity, NWS
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Nudity* NWS

    Obliviate!, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Breaking the fourth wall.*
    Summary: You decide the meaning...

    Kiss, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *None*

    Peck Your Prof, PG
    Content/Warnings: Chan, 16-18 (highlight for spoilers) *Chan, 16-18*

    Snarrytime, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *humor, comic*

    Urgh..., PG
    Content/Warnings: Chan, 16-18 (highlight for spoilers) *Romance, humor, Chan, 16-18*
    Summary: "Here, you recalcitrant whelp."

    Striptease, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *None*

    My Protector, PG
    Content/Warnings: Chan, 16-18(highlight for spoilers) *Chan, 16-18*

    The Fairy Tales of Uncle Severus, PG
    Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *None*
    Prompt: 16: AU: Harry Potter lives in a small seaside town with his three children. The town is in an uproar over a gay bar opening. Harry finds himself attracted to the bar owner, Severus Snape.
    Summary: Three illustrations for prompt No. 16. Illustration No. 3 of 3.

    Administrative Notes:
    •The "In the Mood" section of the [personal profile] snarry_reader has been updated to include fic from this update. You can find the "In the Mood" sections for the [personal profile] snarry_reader on the sidebars at Insane Journal and Live Journal and here at DW.

    •All recs from fests where the creator is anonymous at the time they are added to the update will not be listed on the appropriate Master List until after the reveals.

    •Reviews have been added to all fic from this update.

    •Fic Master List: A - H, I - Q, and R - Z
    •Art Master List: A-Z

    Please note: We are aware that some of the links on the Fic Master List are broken and we are in the process of making corrections.

    Next Scheduled Update: June 17, 2013.
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