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The kink/fetish list is for those that like sex to be anything but vanilla.

The Very Last, NC-17, 2,200 words.
Kink/Fetish: D/s
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *PWP, D/s*
Summary: Harry endures what he wants in order to get what he wants.

If That Mockingbird Won't Sing, NC-17, 6,067 words.
Kink/Fetish: BDSM, paddling
Warnings: (Chan 11-12) (highlight for spoilers) *Non-magic AU, Ambiguous Consent, BDSM, Chan 11-12*
Summary: Severus Snape, headmaster of an all-boys Hogwarts, must punish one who proves to be not-so-innocent.

All of You, NC-17, 1,100 words/
Kink/Fetish: Bloodplay, knifeplay, bondage, D/s.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Bloodplay, knifeplay, bondage, D/s*
Summary: I'd keep you bound, keep you trembling, and you wouldn't be able to flinch away from me.

Finding My Place, R, 4,200 words.
Kink/Fetish: Spanking, robe-fetish.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Spanking fic. A bit of robe-fetish.*
Summary: The first time Harry walks in on Snape spanking a student in detention he's more than a little shocked. But soon he realizes he wishes that it was him face down over Snape's lap, with his bare, stinging arse in the air.

Centaury Squill
Awesome Sight, NC-17, 2,091 words.
Kink/Fetish: Voyeurism, centaur sex.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Voyeurism, centaur sex*
Summary: Harry has a new obsession. Snape just has the old one.

Dementor Delta
Sense Memory, NC-17, 3,656 words.
Kink/Fetish: Food smut, rimming.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Rimming, Established Relationship, PWP, Romance*
Summary: Snape teaches Harry the finer points of certain sexual acts.

Diana Williams
The Lacy Things Series, NC-17, 23,708 total words.
Kink/Fetish: Lingerie, BDSM
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *Non-snarry pairing, threesome, BDSM, chan, lingerie*
Summary: A kinky series in which Severus Snape discovers the joys of fine lingerie and love, in that order.

A Firm and Constant Reminder, NC-17, 5,400 words.
Kink/Fetish: Rope/bondage kink, shibari.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Rope/bondage kink, shibari, EWE*
Summary: There was something about the way Snape stared at the rope that had Harry bound and determined to unravel him.

Emily Waters/emilywaters76
Follow Me Home, NC-17/R (NWS), 33K words. Art by [info]laniern
Kink/Fetish: BDSM, noncon, rough sex, corporal punishment, bondage, humiliation, knife-play, rack (risk-aware consensual kink.
Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *OoC, violence, noncon, BDSM, rough sex, corporal punishment, bondage, humiliation, knife-play, rack (risk-aware consensual kink)*
Summary: Seven years after the war, Harry Potter is gone from the wizarding world. A chance meeting in a Muggle BDSM club leaves Snape wondering about the reasons that made Harry leave.
Review: You can find a review for "Follow Me Home" here.

Mostly Harmless with art by [profile] laniern, Fic NC-17/Art R, 24,000 words.
Kink/Fetish: Rope/bondage kink, corporal punishment.
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *slave!fic, bottom!Snape, dubious consent, corporal punishment, bondage*
Summary: After the war, former Voldemort supporters go into indentured servitude. Snape becomes Harry's slave. That's when things get complicated.

Somnophilia Story, NC-17, 2,010 words.
Kink/Fetish: Somnophilia
Warnings: (Chan, 16) (highlight for spoilers) *Somnophilia, chan - 16, dub con*
Summary: "Professor Snape?" Harry whispered, taking a tentative step into the bed chamber. "Are you awake?"

So Close and Yet So far, NC-17, 2,300 words.
Kink/Fetish: Involuntary public masturbation, dirty talk, voyeurism, lingerie/sex toy.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Involuntary public masturbation, dirty talk, voyeurism, lingerie/sex toy*
Summary: Snape spends a very long lesson distracted.

Gateway Girl
Wizard's Weapon, NC-17, 18,977 words. Last in the Finder's Fee Series.
Kink/Fetish: D/s, chan - 17.
Warnings: (Chan, 17)(highlight for spoilers) *D/s, teacher/student (7th-year), smoking, and climbing without a belayer. Oh, and plot-related violence*
Summary: Dumbledore does something to Harry's scar, but no one is
sure of the effects.

Conversation With A Stranger, NC-17, 5,725 words.
Kink/Fetish: Role-play, public sex
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Angst, public sex, role play, alcohol/potion use*
Summary: Sometimes, it's easier to talk to a stranger than to a friend.

Jordan Grant
Cambiare Podentes: Invocare, NC-17, 302,717 words. See review here. See art by Lizardspots here.
Kink/Fetish: D/s, Slavery
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Ambiguous Consent, Dom/Sub Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Non-Con, Violence/Torture, Slavery*
Summary: A new prophecy comes to light, one that promises death for Harry Potter and enslavement for the wizarding world, unless Harry himself consents to being enslaved--irrevocably and for life--to Severus Snape.

Cambiare Podentes: Madurare, NC-17, 318,511 words.
Kink/Fetish: D/s, Slavery
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Ambiguous Consent, Hurt/Comfort, Partner Betrayal, Angst, D/s, Slavery*
Summary: Now that Harry has been bound in slavery, how will he and Severus mature the spell to full completion? And how will they deal with the consequences of irrevocable enslavement?

Juxian Tang
Slippery Slope, NC-17, 3,569 words.
Kink/Fetish: Fisting, dirty talk, BDSM.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Fisting, dirty talk, BDSM, established relationshio*
Summary: Harry convinces Snape to try fisting. But is everything so simple?

Leni Jess
Master and Man, R, 10,982 words.
Kink/Fetish: D/s
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan 16-18, Dom/sub Relationship, Non-Snarry Pairing*
Summary: Occlumency lessons go in a direction that might perturb the headmaster, but suit both teacher and student. Harry Potter/Severus Snape, memories of young Severus Snape/young Lucius Malfoy.

Give Me an Inch, NC-17, 13,588 words.
Kink/Fetish: Spanking, caning, punishment.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Spanking, caning, punishment*
Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts and finds the courage to approach Snape at last. He gets a little more than he bargained for...

As Children Often Do, NC-17, 10,202 words.
Kink/Fetish: D/s, slight Master/slave
Warnings: (Chan 13-15) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan 13-15, Dom/Sub Relationship, M/s, angst*
Summary: Harry gets sick of the way Snape is always picking on Neville and the other Gryffindors. So they strike a deal.

Dirty, Dirty Boys, NC-17, 5,243 words.
Kink/Fetish: Role-play, caning, spanking, frottage, comeplay, sloppy seconds, foreskin play, bukkake, rimming, felching.
Warnings: (Chan through potion use) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan through potion use only, role-play, dubious consent, caning, spanking, biting, frottage, comeplay, sloppy seconds, foreskin play, bukkake, rimming, felching.*
Summary: Detention in the dungeons is dirty, dirty business.

Know Thine Own Heart; The Scandalous (and Spiritual) Tale of Mr Harry Potter, NC-17, 74,697 words.
Kink/Fetish: BDSM, bondage, cross-dressing, pony-play
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Bondage, Character Death, Crack!, Crossdressing, Homophobia, Homicide/Murder, Hurt/Comfort, Object Penetration, Rimming, Threesomes, Violence/Torture, pony-play*
Summary: London, 1816. Genteel young clerk Harry Potter is blackmailed by the sinfully wicked Severus Snape. By what does Mr Snape truly desire, and what does it take for Harry to know his own heart? This is Regency-style Harry Potter with cock-fighting *wink*, some good old-fashioned duelling and some scandalous lovemaking – plus a dash of spiritual true, true love

The Darkest Corner NC-17, 30,929 words.
Kink/Fetish: Character gone feral, animalistic sex, fisting, object penetration.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Crack!, Fetish/Kink, Fisting, Hurt/Comfort, Mental Illness, Mpreg, Object Penetration, Out of Character, Rimming, Violence/Torture, Animalistic sex, mud during intercourse, possible mpreg and Lily!Obsessed Snape.*
Summary: Snape has gone feral, but what caused it, and how will Harry cope now that his once impotent and repressed partner is suddenly all for giving in to his more… primal urges?

Dirty Story, NC-17, 7,209 words.
Kink/Fetish: Fetish for smelling sweat/other bodily fluids.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Fetish for smelling sweat/other bodily fluids*
Summary: Madam Hooch sees Snape swimming in the lake. What can he have been doing to get dirty?

Familiar Paths, R, 1,130 words.
Kink/Fetish: Bloodplay
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *bloodplay*
Summary: It's the millionth time that Harry finds himself in the midst of battle...

Disciplinary Authority, NC-17, 5,238 words.
Kink/Fetish: BDSM, fisting, multiple partners.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, BDSM, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Fisting, Non-Snarry Pairing, Rimming, PWP*
Summary: Snape finds a peep-show then gets drafted to join.

In Perpetuity, NC-17, 12,001 words.
Kink/Fetish: BDSM
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Angst, consentual BDSM, implications of past dub-con/non-con/abusive relationships (not in Snarry pairing)*
Summary: Some stories in life repeat in the same old patterns. Until they change.
Review: You can find a review for "In Perpetuity" here.

Swtalmnd (Also known as Amy)
The Intricacies of Expectation, NC-17, 2,299 words.
Kink/Fetish: CBT, object penetration, bondage.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Slash, bondage, highly dubious consent, CBT, object penetration*
Summary: Harry makes Snape an offer and gets something rather different than what he's expecting.

Hand over Fist, NC-17, 2,477 words.
Kink/Fetish: Felching, bondage, fisting, dirty talk, bukkake.
Warnings: (Chan-15) (highlight for spoilers) *Slash, felching, chan/underage (15), verbal bondage, fisting, dirty talk, bukkake*
Summary: Harry spends a productive evening in Snape's quarters

The Flic
A Fitting Punishment, NC-17, 3,143 words.
Kink/Fetish: Skirt!Porn, Detention!sex, Blindfolds, Desk!sex
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Skirt!Porn, Detention!sex, Blindfolds, Desk!sex, rimming. Oneshot.*
Summary: “I am not fluent in gibber, boy. You will have to enunciate clearly what it is you wish me to do.”

Breathing Love, NC-17, 2,140 words.
Kink/Fetish: Breathplay
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Breathplay, brief mention of past torture and minor character death.*
Summary: "Every moment and every touch he shared with Harry rewrote the evils of his past and reclaimed life from remembered horrors.

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