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The fics on this list are some darker examples of Snarry. They may involve non con or dubious consent and violence, or simply a rather twisted scenario. If you don't like sexual violence, be careful to look over the story warnings first.

Hypocritic Oath, NC-17, 3,197 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-con. Prostitution. Voyeurism by way of third-party OMC. Sloppy seconds. Dark.*
Summary: Harry's not well. Neither is Snape

A Spell to Turn Tigers Into Butter, NC-17, 8,936 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-con, kink (BDSM, heavy in places), and character death, violence, non-snarry pairing (Harry/Lucius)*
Summary: Comparing the stories his enemies tell, we see that Harry remains resourceful even in the worst circumstances...

And Just Plain Wrong, NC-17, 20,193 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Extreme kink, humiliation, spanking/caning, multiple pairings, non-Snarry pairings, dark, non-con*
Summary: Voldemort has won, and Hogwarts is the Death Eaters' twisted playground.

Hits The Ground, R, 3,200 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *implied non-con, channish,*
Summary: Snape comes back from a Death Eater meeting, and his Issues manifest in a decidedly ugly way.

His Lily, NC-17, 1,000 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dub-con, potion use, EWE*
Summary: Body and breath and soul, she is his, married to him, just as she always should have been.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent, NC-17, 37,173 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dark, BSDM, violence, slavery, breathplay, bloodplay, character death, rape, torture, multiple pairings, non-Snarry pairings, and much angst.*
Summary: When the worst case scenario is just the beginning of the fall, when you can lose all you loved and still keep losing more, when all you thought you'd be has become a mockery, when you have hit the rocky bottom, that is where, sometimes, you can find the strength to triumph at last.

Pink Slip, NC-17, 6,500 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (Chan)(highlight for spoilers) *Bondage, Chan (15), Discipline, Domination/submission, Dubious consent, First Time, Forced Femme, Graphic sex, Slash, Slavefic, Cross-dressing, cok and ball torture.*
Summary: Harry is turned over to Lucius Malfoy as part of a peace treaty after the deaths of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Certain, basic rights are guaranteed by the Welfare Inspector... who just happens to be one Severus Snape.

Knockturn in the Rain, NC-17, 5,213 words. Read review here
Warnings: (Chan, 11-13) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan, major character death, AU, prostitution, implied violence*
Summary: Severus Snape meets Harry Potter in Knockturn Alley.

Deceptive Appearances, NC-17, 9,850 words.
Content/Warnings: (Chan, 17) (highlight for spoilers) **Set during the end of AU 7th year, AU after OotP, deceptive appearances, cross-dressing.*
Summary: A post-curfew stroll leads to months worth of detentions for Harry. In the grand scheme of things, it could have been worse…

By Sulfur and Salt, NC-17, 16,000 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Explicit Snape/Harry-as-Lily. Identity issues, mental health issues, gender-bending*
Summary: Snape's idyllic life with Lily is disrupted when the Ministry of Magic takes an interest in them.

Emily Waters
The Winter Out There, NC-17, 6,400 words.
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *AU, non-compliant with book 7, slave!Harry, corporal punishment, bondage, angst, mind-fuckery. Darkfic*
Summary: At night, Harry dreams of bags of hair. Muggle plastic freezer bags, ziplocked, neatly labeled. Harry can't see what the labels say, but the sight of the bags makes him nauseous. He opens his mouth to scream and realizes that he cannot. Then, he wakes.

A Lesson in Breaking, NC-17, 3,072 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dub-con verging heavily on non-con, non-snarry pairing. *
Summary: Two birds, one stone.

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep, NC-17, 1,922 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Rape-Non-Consensual Violence, prostitution, Unusual Sexual Situation.*
Summary: Just one more.

A Pushing, Thrusting Young Man, NC-17, 4,415 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (Chan, 15)(highlight for spoilers) *Dub consent, discipline, incest, chan (Harry is 15), non-Snarry pairing.*
Summary: Snape believes it is up to him to bring a wayward Harry back in line.

Induction, NC-17, 93,751 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan, mindfuck, dubious consent, disturbing content, non-con*
Summary: A perhaps disturbing look at what one bitter man’s obsession could lead to, and the unexpected results—but for whom?

Be Careful What You Wish For, NC-17, 6,600 words.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Object Penetration*
Summary: Harry decides he wants Snape -- and then changes his mind. Maybe.

Childe Harry To The Dark Tower Came, NC-17, 10, 289 words.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Chan 16-18, Dom/Sub Relationship*
Summary: A risky potion is botched and, acting as an unstable portkey, transports Harry and Snape back in time to a seedy Wizarding village (before it became Hogsmeade) where they must assume a Master/slave relationship while trying to escape.

Jellybean Slash
Dreams and Reality, NC-17, 2,880 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-con, BDSM, D/s.*
Summary: Somehow he had lost control of himself, of his mind, and the filthy thoughts and images that seemed so real overtook him entirely, erasing rather than blurring the line between dreams and reality.

Joanwilder (Also known as RaeWhit)
The Scarecrow, NC-17, 3,460 words.
Warnings: (Chan 13-15) (highlight for spoilers) *Bloodplay/Breathplay, Chan 13-15, Dark, Non-Con, Out of Character, Rape, Violence/Torture*
Summary: Be careful what you wish for.

Fallen Far From the Tree, NC-17, 19,383 words. (Albus Severus/Snape, Harry/Snape)
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, BDSM, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing, Object Penetration, Partner Betrayal, Rape.*
Summary: Caught between two generations of Potters—literally—Snape discovers that his namesake is cut from a different cloth than his father.

Juxian Tang
Damage Control, NC-17, 29,772 words. (Sequel to Amanuensis' And Just Plain Wrong)
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Hurt/comfort, rape, non-con*
Summary: Snape tries to control damage, until damage starts controlling him. Sequel to And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis.

Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You, NC-17, 33,425 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Character Death, Dark, Dom/Sub Relationship, Multiple Partners, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing, Rape, Violence/Torture*
Summary: "Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable."

A Necessary Evil, NC-17, 53,595 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Character Death, Dark, Mpreg, Horror, Suspense*
Summary: After the Final Battle, Albus is pregnant (!) and Lord Voldemort is almost-dead yet again.

Lady Bastet
Paying the Price for the Sins of His Father, NC-17, 2,558 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 11)(highlight for spoilers) *Dark, chan - 11, rape, non-con*
Summary: In the beginning of Harry's first year at Hogwarts, he learns that Snape really doesn't like him, and that he takes great pleasure in hurting him.

Laura the Auror
Savagely Still, NC-17, 3,770 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *NonCon, rape, chan, underage, angst, teh trauma, The Gay, bondage, Slytherin sex toys, obliviation, Legilimency, Dark magic, clichés, Snape is Darker here than in canon (I reckon) and Darker than I usually see him.*
Summary: Severus wants Harry to help him make a potion to use against Voldemort. In order to do so, Harry has to suffer.

Through a Glass, Darkly, NC-17, 26,938 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (Chan, 14) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan, AU, h/c, violence, character death, angst, dark, sexual exploitation.*
Summary: Long ago, and in a world ruled by a Dark Lord, Harry Potter went to Hogwarts.

Precious, NC-17, 1,026 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Questionable consent.*
Summary: The light in the room was dim and came from without, not within. Snape tried not to think of that as an apt metaphor for himself.

Creatures of Ruin and Need, NC-17, 2,300 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 13-15) (highlight for spoilers) *chan (Harry's age is never mentioned, but his youth is obvious—under 15), pretty mild crossdressing, second-person POV*
Summary: Harry always comes to Snape.

Hint, Hint, NC-17, 7,099 words.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18)(highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Dark, Non-Con*
Summary: Post-HBP, Harry gets Snape at his mercy, but screws it up.

Christmas Morning, NC-17, 1,007 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dark!fic, bloodplay, implied torture, other character death.*
Summary: The best Christmas presents don't fit under the tree.

Magic Helmet/Spear and Magic Helmet
The Veil, NC-17, 4,743 words
Content/Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Bondage, Mental Illness, Rape, Violence/Torture, Drama, Horror, Angst.*
Summary: Unfortunately for Harry, he had his mother's eyes.

Mouse/Mouse Writes
Corvus Fallere Books I and II, NC-17, 126,012 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, BDSM, Bloodplay/Breathplay, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Character Death, Dark, Dom/Sub Relationship, Fetish/Kink, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Multiple Partners, Mutilation, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing, Object Penetration, Rape, Rimming, Suicide/Attempted Suicide, Threesomes, Violence/Torture, Horror*
Summary: How long do you fight when you've already lost? Harry, Ron, and Hermione must survive in a world where all is not what it seems; but what it seems is unbearable. AND It's one thing to accept your fate, another to live it.

The Darkest Corner, NC-17, 30,929 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Crack!, Fetish/Kink, Fisting, Hurt/Comfort, Mental Illness, Mpreg, Object Penetration, Out of Character, Rimming, Violence/Torture, Animalistic sex, mud during intercourse, possible mpreg and Lily!Obsessed Snape.*
Summary: Snape has gone feral, but what caused it, and how will Harry cope now that his once impotent and repressed partner is suddenly all for giving in to his more… primal urges?

Fall into Charybdis, NC-17, 16,802 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Incest, drama, first Time, humour,*
Summary: A tale of the further woes of the Boy Who Lived -- who, having escaped the monster Scylla, has fallen into Charybdis (Charybdis being he of the hooked nose and greasy hair). Which is all a terribly pretentious way of saying out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Perchance to Dream, NC-17, 4,598 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Bondage, Character Death - Snape/Harry, Dom/Sub Relationship, Fairytale, Dream-Sex, Mindfuck.*
Summary: He wished with all his heart for something he could not name, for something that he could not see, only feel. It was there, perfectly formed, and all he had to do was reach out and touch it.

Rex Luscus
Contrapasso, NC-17, 11,549 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-con, torture (more psychological than violent), mentions of character death (canon and non-canon).*
Summary: contrapasso, n. the ironic cosmological law ensuring that "the punishment fits the crime."

I Know an Old Lady, PG-13/R, 9,900 words. (Entry is locked to registered users on AO3)
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *I suppose you could call this a song fic, loosely. If you consider a children’s nursery rhyme a basis for such a thing. We’re all familiar with “I know an old lady who swallowed a fly/ I don’t know why she swallowed that fly/ I guess she’ll die,” right?*
Summary: Sometimes there are no answers, and sometimes there are too many. War is over. Good has triumphed over Evil. Good Citizens, those surviving, Flourish, while the Bad Men, those surviving, have been Put Away. Everything is as it should be. Isn’t it?

I Saw You With Me, PG-13, 2,048 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 16-18)(highlight for spoilers) *Angst, Chan, 16-18*
Summary: Snape faces his worst fears, unaware he has an audience.

A Fracture Of The Mind's Eye, NC-17, 21,212 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Bondage, Hurt/Comfort, Mental Illness, Multiple Partners, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing, Rape, Violence/Torture*
Summary: A tragedy at the end of Harry's seventh year makes him redefine his perception of reality.

Through a Shattered Mirror, NC-17, 31,240 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Chan 16-18, Dark, Dom/Sub Relationship, Multiple Partners, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing*
Summary: When Harry falls into the hands of the Death Eaters, he learns that life isn't as black-and-white as he'd once thought it to be.

The Life Debt, NC-17, 14,891 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 13) (highlight for spoilers) *BDSM, Bondage, Chan 13, Non-con*
Summary: A wizard saves Harry's life at great risk to his own, creating a life debt between them. As payment the wizard demands the use of Harry's body once a week for a year.

Mind-Fucking, R/NC-17, 813 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *Dubious consent, underage (Harry isn’t quite 16), mentions of toys*
Summary: Summer 1996. When Snape is forced to resume the Occlumency lessons, he makes a rather interesting discovery in Potter’s head.

Swtalmnd (Also known as Amy)
The Intricacies of Expectation, NC-17, 2,299 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Slash, bondage, highly dubious consent, CBT, object penetration*
Summary: Harry makes Snape an offer and gets something rather different than what he's expecting.

Tangle Foot
And Dagger, NC-17, 2,490 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dark, non-con, multiple partners, non-Snarry pairing.*
Summary: Harry is captured by the Death Eaters and Snape takes his final 'turn.'

Dragon-Blind, NC-17, 4,054 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *PWP, dark, dirty, and dubiously consensual, chan*
Summary: Harry wants Snape to be kinder, but Snape obliges on his own terms.

ThreeSidedOrchid (Also known as Synn)
Thrice Turned, NC-17, 3,100 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 17) (highlight for spoilers) *Het intercourse, implied non-Snarry pairing, Harry is 17, Snape-as-Ginny, gender-bending*
Summary: Severus has always been bad at making decisions, when left to his own devices.

Tea Time, NC-17, 1,330 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *PWP, oral, facial, dubious use of potions, humor*
Summary: "I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world." ~Oscar Wilde

What's Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose, NC-17, 1,200 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *In case it isn't PERFECTLY clear from the prompt, please be aware that Ginny is Polyjuiced into Snape. There is some graphic het, but primarily slash as well as the use of a blindfold.*
Summary: Harry & Ginny's sex life includes times when he blindfolds her & polyjuices her into a man. One time, the blindfold slips, and she finds out she's Snape.

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