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Want to curl up in front of your monitor, with a good, long read? Make a cup of tea or a bowl of popcorn and settle in for the day with one of these. All are a minimum of 100,000 words.

Acid and Sinick
Price of Magic, R, 184,162 words. Read review here.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Major character death, Ghost Sex, Supernatural Elements, Apocalypse, Afterlife, AU*
Summary: Haunted by the ghost of a former student, an ex-wizard struggles to preserve magical knowledge for future generations.

When Harry Potter died, twin wands' explosion wiped Europe clean of magic. Enchantment-free, Gringotts crumbled into a mass grave for goblin bodies. Pixie corpses covered the meadows. Romanians buried their last dragon.

Wizards remained. Thousands flooded Muggle streets with useless chanting, unable to return home through non-existent wards.

They had nothing except pride. Remember that when watching a middle-aged, redheaded waitress and her daughter taunted by children for their strange way of talking, passing the sallow-faced, somber neighbour who prefers candles to electricity, finding a sky-blue twinkle under matted hair of a homeless man.

Pride was the reason they survived.

Alchemia Dent & Bugland
The Bittersweet Potions Series, NC-17, 700,000+ words. This series is a WIP - 5/9 Books are complete and can be read as a stand-alone work.)
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Dark themes, attempted suicide, attempted murder, angst, questionable consent, rape/non-consent, mpreg, miscarriage, self-mutilation, animal transformations.*
Summary: During Harry's 5th Year at Hogworts, he receives a highly sought after Gift- but will it be more trouble than its worth? Snape (to his horror) learns he trusts Harry. Draco attracts trouble. And as usual, Dumbledore knows more than he lets on. And how is absinthe involved?

A Year Like No Other Father/Son Relationship, PG, 760,446 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Snape adopts Harry, gen, AU, drama, dark, violent, character death.*
Summary: It all started with a letter from home and family. Except, Harry doesn't really have either, does he? He's about to get them. A Snape-adopts-Harry story providing an alternate 6th year.

Everybody's Fool, NC-17, 106,776 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Angst, post-canon, attempted rape*
Summary: Harry Potter: Bruised veteran of too many heartbreaks; cynical, jaded drunkard; Wardwright, war hero, recluse, and part time matchmaker. Next target -- Severus Snape, who has a lot to learn about love.

A Long Time Coming, NC-17/PG-13 (NWS) 193,210 words. Art by [info]veridari
Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Dub/non-con under the influence (not Severus and Harry), rough sex (not Severus and Harry), brief infidelity (not Severus and Harry), het, intentional twists of canon, voyeurism, minor character deaths, masturbation, fellatio, rimming, anal sex, ridiculously extended period of UST with a happy ending.*
Summary: There are signs from the days after the battle of Hogwarts that there is much more to Severus and Harry’s relationship than the conflict and hatred that had define it until then. It will take ten years of changes, personal growth, and maturing, as well as one year when both of them change careers and return to Hogwarts, for their feelings to finally overcome their prejudices, assumptions and fears and for the love of these soulmates to triumph.
Review: You can find a review for "A Long Time Coming" here.

If You Are Prepared Series, NC-17, 193,814 words.
Warnings: (Chan 13-15, Chan 16-18)(highlight for spoilers) *Major character death, angst, rape, chan, violence, dark*
Summary: A task he can't refuse. A boy he doesn't want to refuse.

Dragon Light
The Paradox of Existence, NC-17, 114,916 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *time-travel, romance*
Summary: On Assignment for Dumbledore, in the past, Harry sees his lover from a new perspective, that of a professor.

Gillian Middleton
•The Mine Series: Father/Son relationship, G, 146,383 total words.

Mine, G, 23,188 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father.*
Summary: Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter!

Snape's Vocation, G, 96,558 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to 'Mine'. Snape and Harry settle down and learn more about each other. These chapters can be read as individual stories, but I have further chapters written and planned.

The Owl and the Puppydog, G, 10,213 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to Mine and Snape's Vocation, where Sirius Black returns to Hogwarts.

The Absence of Unhappy, PG, 10,812 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: This is a sequel to the two series, 'Mine' & 'Snape's Vocation' & the standalone story 'The Owl & The Puppydog'.Severus Snape gets a glimpse of another time and place.

Fossils and Frog Spawn, G, 5,612 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to Snape's Vocation. The boys meet Draco Malfoy.

Crumbling Pedestal, PG-13, 165,789 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-Snarry pairing, time travel, *
Summary: Harry’s date with Voldemort at the conclusion of the Triwizard tournament didn’t go quite as planned. Fate steps in with a ‘unique’ opportunity, offering Harry the chance to live and mature in the past. For a while, anyway.

Minor Arcana Series, NC-17, 215,134 words.
Warnings: (Chan)(highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, Chan 16-18, Multiple Partners, Non-Snarry Pairing, AU*
Summary: A wizarding tradition is revived in Harry's 7th year that will change the lives of Snape, Harry and Draco.

Joan Wilder (Also known as RaeWhit)
The Sensible Garden, NC-17, 139,487 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Character Death not Snape or Harry, angst, rimming*
Summary: What if Harry had not been given the entire prophecy by Albus Dumbledore? Years later, forever changed by that second part of the prophecy, Severus and Harry are pulled together again, this time by a common love of flowers and gardens.

Jordan Grant
Cambiare Podentes: Invocare, NC-17, 302,717 words. See review here. See art by Lizardspots here.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Ambiguous Consent, Dom/Sub Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Non-Con, Violence/Torture, Slavery*
Summary: A new prophecy comes to light, one that promises death for Harry Potter and enslavement for the wizarding world, unless Harry himself consents to being enslaved--irrevocably and for life--to Severus Snape.

Cambiare Podentes: Madurare, NC-17, 318,511 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Ambiguous Consent, Hurt/Comfort, Partner Betrayal, Angst, D/s, Slavery*
Summary: Now that Harry has been bound in slavery, how will he and Severus mature the spell to full completion? And how will they deal with the consequences of irrevocable enslavement?

Kat Reitz and Tzigane
Precious Illusions , R, 153,750 words
Warnings: (Chan)(highlight for spoilers) *Chan 16-18, Character Death, Dark, Rape, Violence/Torture, Suicide, Unrequited love*
Summary: Harry feels lost after Voldemort's demise and seeks a comfort Draco doesn't want him to have.

Corvus Fallere Books I and II, NC-17, 126,012 words.
Warnings: (Chan, 16-18) (highlight for spoilers) *Ambiguous Consent, BDSM, Bloodplay/Breathplay, Bondage, Chan 16-18, Character Death, Dark, Dom/Sub Relationship, Fetish/Kink, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Multiple Partners, Mutilation, Non-Con, Non-Snarry Pairing, Object Penetration, Rape, Rimming, Suicide/Attempted Suicide, Threesomes, Violence/Torture, Horror*
Summary: How long do you fight when you've already lost? Harry, Ron, and Hermione must survive in a world where all is not what it seems; but what it seems is unbearable. AND It's one thing to accept your fate, another to live it.

The Apple Tree, NC-17, 293,065 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *Violence, threesomes that do not include Snape/Harry, chan, het, slash, object penetration/rape, torture, partner betrayal, AU*
Summary: Harry returns for his seventh year determined to change the status quo. A long (but completed!) tale of romance, betrayal, initiative and derring do!

•The Marked Man, NC-17, 122,771 words.
Warnings: (Chan)(highlight for spoilers) *Chan 16-18, Character Death*
Summary: After Dumbledore’s death, Harry realises it’s possible to hate someone more than he hates Voldemort. When the only hope for the Light means he has to work together with Snape, and more closely than ever before, what are the chances that Voldemort will die?

Nights of Gethsemane, NC-17, 350,000 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Non-con sex, dubious-con sex, explicit male/male sex, explicit male/female sex, GRAPHIC torture, slavery, language, drug use, drug addiction, bondage, and much angst.*
Summary: Harry is a prisoner of the Dark Lord and Snape his prison guard. Completely cut off from the outside world, Harry struggles to hold himself intact as he is forced to rely on Snape for everything. Yet Snape may not be all that he appears....

The Civil War Series (The C-W Verse), NC-17, 551,899 words.
Warnings: (Chan 13-15) (Chan 16-18)(highlight for spoilers) *Addiction/Drug Use, Chan 13-15, Chan 16-18, Dark, Domestic Abuse, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, Mental Illness, Multiple Partners, Non-Snarry Pairing, Partner Betrayal, Rape, Suicide/Attempted Suicide, Violence/Torture, Original Characters, Character death, AR, Death Eater violence, Death Eater orgies.*
Summary: Two bitter enemies seek solace from a most unexpected source.

The Tea Series, NC-17, 372,495 words.
Warnings: (Chan 16-18)(highlight for spoilers) *Dark, Angst, AU, character death, disturbing imagery, violence, chan*
Summary: The one in which Dumbledore has Snape in for a little chat, Harry and Snape are acting awfully strange around each other and Harry has a vision that indicates Snape may be in mortal danger. What will happen when Harry goes on his summer vacation? Will he save the Wizarding world, or will someone have to save him?

Tira Nog
Growing Pains, NC-17, 151,157 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Hurt/Comfort, Rimming*
Summary: Story is a sequel to 'A Nick In Time'. Harry Potter and Severus Snape attempt to adjust to the changes in their lives and see if there is any place for the friendship they found as children.

The J. Alfred Prufrock Arc, NC-17, 154,928 words. There is a sequel, The J. Alfred Prufrock Arc: Part II, R, 47,726 words.
Warnings: (Chan)(highlight for spoilers) *Chan 16-18, Character Death, Angst, Drama, Violence/Torture*
Summary: An on-going novel-length series in which Severus Snape and Harry Potter begin a relationship . . . whether they want to or not.

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Date: 2011-11-24 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] xikum
LeeLee Potter's long novel - (>500,000 words) Death Eater Takes a Holiday is another long, interesting work that has many unique magical concepts that I have not seen anywhere else, as well as some hot sex and a few favorite cliches.. I think it needs to be included - or is it here, just a different section, and I just missed it?
She has it, I think, on her livejournal,
at HP Fandom,
and Ink-Stained Fingers .


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