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"Severitus/Sevitus" are both genres within Snape/Harry pairings with very specific definitions but over time have come to mean fic where Snape is Harry's father or guardian or possibly mentor. There may be non-Snarry pairings but the focus of the relationship is on the one between Snape and Harry, sexual or otherwise.

A Year Like No Other Father/Son Relationship, PG, 760,446 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Snape adopts Harry, gen, AU, drama, dark, violent, character death.*
Summary: It all started with a letter from home and family. Except, Harry doesn't really have either, does he? He's about to get them. A Snape-adopts-Harry story providing an alternate 6th year.

E. M. Snape
In Blood Only, R, 177,235 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *violence, angst, dark, non-Snarry pairing*
Summary: Snape is Harry's father. No one is happy to hear it.

Faire Weather
Bete Noire, NC-17, 3,447 words.
Warnings: (Chan - Harry is 17) (highlight for spoilers) *Chan, Incest, Under 18*
Summary: Everyone's got a skeleton or two in their closet.

Entre Nous, R, 4,260 words.
Warnings: (Chan - Harry is 17)(highlight for spoilers) *Chan, incest, mpreg*
Summary: Severus is cold, and nothing is helping.

Gillian Middleton
•The Mine Series: Father/Son relationship, G, 146,383 total words.

Mine, G, 23,188 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father.*
Summary: Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter!

Snape's Vocation, G, 96,558 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to 'Mine'. Snape and Harry settle down and learn more about each other. These chapters can be read as individual stories, but I have further chapters written and planned.

The Owl and the Puppydog, G, 10,213 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to Mine and Snape's Vocation, where Sirius Black returns to Hogwarts.

The Absence of Unhappy, PG, 10,812 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: This is a sequel to the two series, 'Mine' & 'Snape's Vocation' & the standalone story 'The Owl & The Puppydog'.Severus Snape gets a glimpse of another time and place.

Fossils and Frog Spawn, G, 5,612 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Gen, Snape is Harry's father*
Summary: Sequel to Snape's Vocation. The boys meet Draco Malfoy.

Resonance, PG-13, 501,491 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *violence, romantic references*
Summary: Year six and Harry needs rescuing by Dumbledore and Snape. The resulting understanding between Harry and Snape is critical to destroying Voldemort and leads to an offer of adoption. Covers year seven and Auror training.

Pax Britannica, NC-17, 1,703 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *incest*
Summary: What Snape and Harry have is strange, but it works for them.

Apparently, G, 1,409 words. (Gen)
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *angst*
Summary: Who in the world could ever see Severus Snape as a father figure?

Fall into Charybdis, NC-17, 16,802 words.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *Incest, drama, first Time, humour,*
Summary: A tale of the further woes of the Boy Who Lived -- who, having escaped the monster Scylla, has fallen into Charybdis (Charybdis being he of the hooked nose and greasy hair). Which is all a terribly pretentious way of saying out of the frying pan, into the fire.

•Butter Mountain, Curdled Mountain, NC-17, 19,500 words.
Warnings: (Chan) (highlight for spoilers) *Snarry Severitus, i.e., incest. Orgasm denial. Drug (potion) use. Chan (sexual awareness year 4, observed and ordered masturbation years 5 & 6, no touching). Dub-con. Mpreg (all 10 words of it). Brief past Snape/James.*
Summary: Life as a zero-sum game. If Snape has nothing else, he will at least have Potter.

Scheming Reader
Resurrection, PG-13, 836 words. (Gen)
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *angst, past mention of non-con and drug use*
Summary: "I'm not your son!" Harry Potter rose to his feet and upended his teacup on the floor of the headmaster's office. "How could I be? My mother didn't even speak to you for years."

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